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mini landscape garden Usually drawing figurative landscape painting. He says that you have the latest business teacher, there is no doubt that you are a good picture should be the main point of interest, and the rest of the points simply go to make more beautiful the central idea, or to form a perfect environment. Even in the landscape, there should be an overview of what your mind all the time gardener wants to finish his landscape.

Theme, you have to include a large number of open grassland, nude scene? Is lusious always beautiful green open spaces. It is comfortable.

Beauty of this type of feeling, even a small increase in open space. If you have in your garden, covering a lot of trees here and there a small flower bed, the overall impact is sporadic odor. Few people like to wear. Their efforts, your landscape are not the most exciting visual effects.

When beautify the environment, and a single tree or a small group is a good arrangement on the page. There is no center of the tree or trees. Allowed after they have come to. Fun end of the function. In the selection of the project landscape trees, remembering something. You do not have to choose a tree that is too strong. The tree must have some interesting things in good shape, bark, leaves, flowers or fruits.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful catalpa own. Leaves and large, attractive flowers, seeds, clinging to the tree, until the winter, add a bit brilliant. The ash berry bright, glossy leaves, sugar maple, tulip tree flowers, white birch bark, leaves and copper beech, this is a beautiful soul landscape planning, general settings at all points.

A formal or informal basis, you can follow the landscape. First line of the road, a strong family in line, all of the names, like say, very formal. Another method is, of course, just the opposite. You have to consider that in any gains, and the danger point.

In this plan, design and maintenance of the conclusion of the open grass garden tree visual appeal blend into the background. I think that balance and beauty to your yard landscape design.


Finnish SaunaFinnish sauna temperatures exceed 80 degrees Celsius hot stove pour water on the rocks, a small room or cabin, a steam bath temperature of the cloud to a higher level than the filling. Sauna in Finland usually lasts an hour and a half to two hours between. Therefore, often in the sauna by the lake or pond. In the scrub, many Finnish winter to the skin after Snow sauna itself. Some people win their skin birch twigs soaked in water, peel and clean warm.

Sauna is the most popular recreational activities in Finland. Not complete, will be a visit to a Finnish sauna. Finnish Sauna Healing performance left a deep impression. Hundreds of millions of people in the use of the sauna, Finnish, on average, each family sauna.

And steam room, and can be used to gather socially and relax with family and friends. In men, and private events, women tend to have a sauna, a sauna, and single gender norms in public places.

Inside, the cabin past the sauna near the lake. Burning wood arranged in rows on the flat rock, to produce heat. The stones poured cold water vapor is created. Typically in the range of steam cabin temperature between 70 and 90 degrees C, and the degrees can rise to 120 degrees Celsius.

InFinland, there are honorable people who can spend the most time in the sauna is an annual competition.

Throne Tudor GardenEach Throne Theodore Park and one or more. Roof box is a breakthrough, and while arching other types. Each willows or osiers made. Training incense, and a variety of rosemary, jasmine, rose, special, sweetbrier or white roses and boxes, which are often part of the wall. Ancient authors such shows, “Herb Garden is built in most gardens and a refreshing framework”

A more solid structure of brick or stone handy in the winter, and in summer, they are there to provide them with a chimney. This one, in a wide range, we still look at the Hampton Court Palace (Hampton Court), and called the house wine. Other buildings, now gone, Elizabeth of York Windsor.

Long-walk in the park includes forming another important feature. Sometimes, they cross the line between felling trees bending, forming an arc, like a walk in the yoke Hatfield, or witch elm, Mary, at Hampton Court Palace (Hampton Court). At other times, wood and vine-covered arches constructed. He was in the shadow of one of the advantages of society; it may be exposed in the garden under the sun, from a phone to another. Under the throne, and in other areas of coverage or not covered tables and chairs placed on reading and writing, you can be there to serve drinks. Typically, this is set at the end of the line, or around a fountain.

Other features that set the period of mountain, grassy dirt piles, usually as an observation deck on the wall in the garden park. Usually subject to a simple chair or trunk. There is an enormous mountain, was founded in 1533 at Hampton Court Palace (Hampton Court). It is built in brick covered with soil planted with edible chrysanthemum cuttings in 1200. In the summer house in the area.