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Air Purifier ShoppingWe all knows that breathing clean air and our health is very important. So, you should get a good quality air purifier installed in your home or office. The market is flooded with a number of air purification products. These products use a lot of shortcuts, allows ordinary users confused. I would like to answer some of your questions about the acronym to help you buy the right product for your use.

What is MERV?
Lowest efficiency reporting value (MERV), the efficiency of the candidate. It is the candidate’s ability to remove particles. Value lies in the range of 12 to 16. Low value will tell you that the candidate effectively remove particles. As the value of 12 to 16 indicates that the participant is to remove more of the particles efficiently. It is standard for all manufacturers of fresh air. This makes comparison between different products is easy.

What is CADR?
The delivery of clean air rate (CADR) has been screened three in this sense, of the major air pollutants. Dust, pollen and smoke. Higher numbers indicate a higher level of filtration, and thus high efficiency filter. Ideally, buy clean air CADR about two-thirds of the area of the room, you want to filter the air. It has a number on the box, but referring to when you use the OEM, rather than the performance of the components provided by the manufacturer.

What is HEPA?
High efficiency particles produced during World War II re-efficiency (HEPA) filter. The goal is to prevent radioactive particles into the human respiratory tract. Today, they sell the best air filtration net rate slightly less than 100%. They can remove all particles 0.3 microns in size.

Who is OEM?
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) manufacturers not only sell your product, but also provide spare parts and product damage. Generally available in the market, may be cheaper. But it can not guarantee the quality. When you buy products from OEM, you can be assured that the quality is good, not only in products, but part of your purchase. In addition, OEM is also responsible for the maintenance of air conditioning. This ensures that you get quality service for your air conditioner.

Chess floor woodenWhen you think of chess, chances are that you want in a plain old wooden cutting board, this is a freak in the morning at the University played. Although there is no parameter chess game, it certainly is a great way to spend time, is a game of chess, you can not possibly think of – the decor.

But why would you want to decorate your game room? Well, it is a chance you will not determine the whole design of the room around the group, but you should consider adding a decorative accent design. Now is the time to give up the idea of chess is just a game, and began as a decorative tool.

Of course, you can not really prove that moldy wood pieces and less of decorative plates, can it? It is, you have to start thinking about the game of chess as a decoration, not a hobby – boxes of fruit is good (and probably) and will run you a good bit of money, as a hobby or a game will make it more difficult to buy. However, if you run, think this is a decorative, then it becomes more reasonable. After all, how much you spend self-defined image of the frame, or a beautiful coffee table? The decor, both escaped, but we think that almost everyone has this – how many times you see the intricately carved chess at someone’s house?

Cheap benefits of chess. Soon, you can add a beautiful touch to your room and you. Most people think of intelligence and perfect, they think that the beautiful marble chess. The authors also provide a good conversation, because most people do not see pieces carved handmade chess table. Finally, consider adopting your kid’s inheritance – will last for many years a well made antique chess.

Therefore, the next time you go to your room, you can consider joining chess and table decorations for one of your papers. You’ll add an instant conversation piece, and wish for this scheme is more precise and elegant decor you.