Wood products are made of natural wood countertops solid tree nearly 120 years. Wood is a living, there is more water, and more wood, countertops and expansion. The wood in the wood drying furnace, in the past, with a moisture content of 6% of the work surface, so it is important that work surface is not exposed to high levels of humidity drops. Usually in the kitchen, the moisture level of about 50-70%.

Should the highest altitude wood cabinets, using only wood screws and washers. It is not advisable to glue on top of all the cabinet boxes, set-top boxes and the rate of expansion and contraction, therefore, cracks may appear at the end of the day, perhaps on the surface of the tank “.

The correct way to install solid wood on metal fasteners Minister on long box (see page).
“- 1.5″ of space within each other metal fastener should be evenly distributed throughout the length of the top. The entire width, usually fixed to the top, in order to support each have three metal screws, one in the middle and towards the edge of the front and rear edges. Should be supported, and only in the tension developed in the timber, so that deformation, cupping, or cracks.
We recommend that the pre-drilled screw holes in wood countertops, and to avoid cracks and splits. For the same reason, it is a good idea to not tighten the noose. Completion of the action level will be greatly reduced, but not completely eliminate them. Action that occurs because the vertical structure of the coating acts small team, so installation should pay attention to the width of the entire panel. To prevent the development of internal tensions, changes in the direction of the elongated whole metal fasteners (see page).

When work surfaces and exposed natural moisture levels – i.e. 50-60% – 1/12 “-1/24″ will evolve, but when exposed to levels of 80-90%, this measure could be extended to 1/2 or even more species. Therefore, when you install a counter top edge of the rear wall, the wall can restrict the natural movement of the head, so the upgrade is not appropriate timber to avoid situations like this, you can make a 1/4 “-1 / 2″ joint between the wall and the edge table, filled with acid-free thin silicon effort.
Also, it can be firmly fixed support under the rear edge of the metal, therefore, to allow the natural movement occurs in the others.
In this case, the holes in the back edge of the corresponding metal stabilizer will be larger than the diameter of the screw, while the section between each and the front edge of the elongated holes.

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